The Gardenia Kapit-Bisig Multi-Purpose and Transport Service Cooperative recently acquired 2 gasoline stations located at Nasugbu and Tuy, Batangas. The gasoline stations are located at strategic and prime locations where people converge, come and go. The cooperative took over the operations after the contract signing and turn-over ceremony between the former owner, Mr Cesar Mulingbayan, Chevron Philippines represented by Mr. Danilo C. Hilbero, Chairperson of the Board, Mr. Cornelio R. Ragasa, Founder and Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Edwin C. Dabucol, Chief Operating Officer. Last March 31, 2019. The soft opening of said gasoline stations was launched on April 1, 2019. Chicken Arroz caldo with egg were served to  guest and clients who were present during the event and morning shift. ” Our Free Membership Promo and Rebates for members ₱2 per liter for gasoline and ₱1 per liter of diesel have attracted a lot of new members of the cooperative”, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Edwin “Windee Daves” C. Dabucol, enthused. Since Opening on April 1, Caltex Nasugbu and Caltex Tuy, ahve generated good start-up revenues. New members and investors are most welcome.